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Here's to another year of celebrating the People's Choice in Madison! In 2021, a total of 9,938 people participated in the People's Choice program! Receiving over 36,000 nominations and over 100,000 Votes, the 2021 program was an amazing inaugural year for the People's Choice Program.

The Madison People’s Choice Awards will feature over 100 categories this year, plus an entire new group dedicated to the House and Home services like Best Landscaping Company, Best Real Estate Company, and more. Did you dig those categories like Best Fish Fry and Best Local Festival. Don’t worry, those are still there! In fact, you can review all the categories right now by visiting The 2022 People's Choice Ballot!


Best of Madison


The Madison People's Choice Awards is a contest where our audience (and your customers) nominate and vote on the best businesses across the region. There are three phases: 1. Nomination 2. Voting 3. Winners.

1. Nomination Phase

The nomination phase will begin on Tuesday, May 10 and close on Thursday, May 26. The ballot will start as a blank slate and the readers will nominate their favorite businesses in each category. Participants are allowed to nominate one business in each category throughout the duration of the Nomination phase. At the end of the Nomination phase, we will tally up the nominations and ONLY the top 5 businesses in each category will move onto the voting phase. One random participant will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card at the end of the nomination phase. (Must nominate in at least 25 categories)

2. Voting Phase

The voting phase will open on Tuesday, June 21 and close on Thursday, July 7. Only the Top 5 businesses from the nomination phase will be on the voting ballot. Users will be able to vote once per day, per category on the ballot. There is also the option for text to vote that a business can purchase.

3. Winners Guide

The winners will be published online and in print on Sunday, August 28. We will crown a 'Winner' and two 'Favorites' in each category. These will be featured on our website at MADISON PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNERS.

This program is completely driven by you, our community. We will be giving away $1,000 in prizes to those who participate in nominating and voting, so make sure to do both early and often.

The Madison People’s Choice Awards celebrate the best our region has to offer – time to make your voices heard!


We have created promotional packages to help promote your business and help you stand out among the competition during the nomination and voting rounds. These packages include advertising spots on the ballot as well as digital and print ads to make sure you are reaching each and every customer. Being a People's Choice advertiser will keep you top-of-mind when readers are filling out the ballot. Purchasing an advertising package does not guarantee you will win.

Best of Madison

Best of Madison

Do businesses have to pay to be represented on the ballot?

Not at all! The Madison People's Choice Awards is a FREE program to every business that wants to participate. The results are 100% driven by the audience's nominations and votes. Being an advertiser does not guarantee a win!

Is every business eligible for Text To Vote?

Businesses have the opportunity to purchase a text to vote code for each category they make the voting round in. They can promote to their customers to have them text their code once per day to earn votes that will count toward the final numbers of votes.

How do I get nominations & votes?

1. The best way to have your customers and fans nominate and vote for you, is to sign up for our FREE PROMO KIT This is a free promo kit with various social post sizes and a printable flyer for you to promote your business.

2. JUST ASK! Use the Free Promo Kit to post on social media, email blasts, and in your store and ask your customers to nominate you all the categories that you fit into.

3.Leverage your social posts! Tag on Facebook and Twitter when you are asking for nominations or votes! Use the link -

4.Set Reminders! Schedule your social posts at the beginning of each phase to have a presence throughout the full timeline. Use the ballot link -

5.Let Us Help! We will be promoting the contest throughout each phase. You can use our FREE PROMO KIT or contact us to purchase an advertising package to enhance your presence on the ballot.

Does every business make it into the Voting Round?

Only the Top 5 businesses with the most nominations in each category will make it through to the voting round. So make sure you are asking for nominations!

I don't have time to fill out the whole ballot, can I come back later?

Of course! Once you register and create a login, you can come back anytime and continue to nominate your favorite businesses

How do I find out who the winners are?

The winners will be announced online and in our special section that publishes on Sunday, August 28th! To view the 2021 Winners CLICK HERE

How do I enter the nomination and voting sweepstakes?

During the nomination round if you nominate at least 25 businesses during the duration of the phase, you will be entered to win a $500 gift card. In the voting round, if you vote at least 100 times during the duration of the phase you will be entered to win a $500 Gift Card

Best of Madison

This free promo kit is available to every person/business that is on the ballot. It includes a Facebook Post, Facebook Cover, LinkedIn Post, Instagram Story Size, and a Printable Poster. These can be used throughout the Nomination and Voting phases to ask your customers and fans to engage with your business on the 2022 Madison People's Choice Program

Best of Madison