2021 is year of new beginnings, a year of fresh starts. We’re feeling that energy here at which is one of the reasons why we’re so excited to announce the launch of the People’s Choice Awards. You may remember the Star of Madison Awards from years past – the 2021 edition is not just about a new name – it’s a ground up reinvention of the program to make sure the best our region has to offer is on full display.

The People’s Choice Awards will feature over 100 categories this year, including 30 new categories like best customer service and best place to work, plus an entire new group of individual categories like best bartender, best care salesperson, best fire fighter and more. Did you dig those categories like best fish fry and best local festival. Don’t worry, those are still there! In fact, you can review all the categories right now by visiting

Voting options include: Text to Vote and Vote by web

Up first is our nomination period which kicks off on May 10th and runs through May 30th. Only the top 5 businesses in each category will move onto the voting round, so make your nomination count.

That voting phase begins Jun 21st and runs through July 11th. Voters will be able to vote by text or through our online ballot once per day, per category. Democracy in action.

Out of those votes will emerge one overall People’s Choice winner and two People’s Choice favorites per category. We’ll announce those winners through and the pages of the Wisconsin State Journal on August 29th.

This program is completely driven by you, our community. will be giving away $1,000 in prizes to those who participate in nominating and voting, so make sure to do both early and often.

So here’s to the start of something new – the People’s Choice Awards celebrate the best our region has to offer – time to make your voices heard!


If you’re a business owner or marketing decision-maker, listen up because this parts for you: the power to make sure your brand is front and center during nominations and voting is in your hands! With over 100 categories, we urge you to not risk missing out on nominations or votes – make sure you’re in front of the people with why you deserve their votes! The team here at can help you do just that, and they’re standing by to help you. Just contact us at