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ATC identified mechanical issue before last week's Downtown explosion, power outage

The utility said the unidentified component is part of its investigation, but "we do not want to draw any conclusions until we review all possibilities."

With potential gap in funding for juvenile detention centers, counties in 'holding pattern'

The estimated $50 million funding gap has lawmakers suggesting they'll need to put some projects on the back burner.

Middleton assisted living facility evicts 87-year-old after she goes on Medicaid

The woman's discharge is part of what appears to be an increase in assisted living dismissals stemming from low Medicaid reimbursement rates.


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Flames, heat, clay and molten metal provides reaffirmation and growth for Cambridge

The fourth annual Midwest Fire Fest continues to grow and expand public art in Cambridge.

Rebirth of an icon: Garver Feed Mill reopens after decades of decay

Part of a $19.8 million project -- including more than $10 million in public funding -- that could eventually include an adjacent hotel, Garver Feed Mill will host an event center and 11 other local food and wellness businesses.

Effort to replace South Side neighborhood center moving ahead

The organization is hoping to triple space for Bridge-Lakepoint-Waunona center programming with a new, 12,000- to 15,000-square-foot building.

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