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Independent Madison police monitor could launch investigations, but would lack the final say

Evidence is lacking on the ability of independent police monitors to reduce police use of force.

One year after historic rains, flooding from below still a problem

Almost one out of every 10 acres of cropland went unplanted this year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, and county emergency management officials say they’ve had reports of waterlogged basements.

Company behind psychiatric hospital in Middleton has more problems in other states

State and federal officials have cut off payments and admissions at the company’s psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas, and have moved to stop payments and revoke the license of a facility in Colorado.


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Madison Area Technical College expands South Side presence with new campus

An experiment begins next week in one of Madison's poorest and most diverse neighborhoods as doors open in Madison Area Technical College's Goodman South campus. 

Madison School Board member Ali Muldrow apologizes for concentration camp remarks

"I take full responsibility for the impact of my statement," she said.

As 'Nails' Tales' sculpture removed, community and art experts debate its artistic value

Art experts say "Nails' Tales" sparked conversation in the community, and for that it's been a success.

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