It's been 11 years since Penny Brummer, then 25, went to prison for at least 50 years for killing Sarah Gonstead after a night of bar hopping. Now, a Virginia couple hopes to spring her with a book revisiting her conviction for the 1994 execution-style slaying.

The Wisconsin Innocence Project of the UW Law School, which seeks to free those who have been wrongly convicted, also is taking another look at the evidence. They'll be joined later this fall by a team of graduate students from the Journalism School studying investigative reporting.

But is there anything to the claims of Sheila and Doug Berry, authors of "Who Killed Sarah?" They accuse investigators of ignoring possible suspects, ranging from members of a local motorcycle gang to Gonstead's best friend. Prosecutors stand by their conviction.

Wisconsin State Journal reporter Phil Brinkman, who covered Brummer's trial, will retrace the case this week in a series of stories. Was Brummer the cold-blooded killer prosecutors portrayed her to be? Or was she railroaded? Read on and decide for yourself.