Name, Job title, Base salary for 2010

Michael May City, attorney, $139,392

Dean Brasser, Comptroller, $139,369

Noble Wray, Police chief, $131,141

Debra Amesqua, Fire chief, $131,141

Carolyn Hogg, Assistant city attorney, $127,634

Alan Schumacher, Streets superintendent, $125,904

Mark Olinger, Planning and Development director, $125,680

David Dryer, Traffic engineer/parking manager, $125,594

Tom Carto, Overture Center president, $123,876

Roger Allen, Assistant city attorney, $123,058

Katherine Noonan, Assistant city attorney, $123,058

James Hess, Monona Terrace director, $122,018

Lara Mainella-Martin, Assistant city attorney, $120,796

Anne Zellhoefer, Assistant city attorney, $120,796

Thomas Heikkinen, Water Utility general manager, $117,935

Brad Murphy, Planning Unit director, $116,218

Kevin Briski Parks, superintendent, $116,217

Clifford Blackwell III, Hearing examiner, $115,232

Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor, $112,881

Charles Kamp, Metro Transit general manager, $112,551

Source: City of Madison