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Vortex Optics sketch

A contractor’s sketch of Vortex Optics World Headquarters being constructed in Barneveld in eastern Iowa County, along US Hwy. 18-151.

BARNEVELD – Men and women using optics, binoculars and scopes will soon have access to a state-of-the-art facility to sales, manufacturing, and repair capacity all under one roof.

Companies displaying and selling Vortex products, as well as hunters, shooters and birders can see how the optics are manufactured and repaired and will be able to tour the company’s facilities, speak with sales experts and customer service representatives.

Early in 2018, Vortex Optics World Headquarters will be re-located in eastern Iowa County, adjacent to US Hwy. 18-15, occupying their new everything-in-one building with 250,000 square feet for development, assembly and sales of binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders, prism scopes, Red Dot sights, and tactical riflescopes.

In addition, a storage facility with 30,000 square feet completes the present buildings. Land space is available for future facilities for Vortex Optics, and other businesses serving the community, employees, and visitors to the World Headquarters.

"These buildings will allow us to provide another dimension in our commitment to provide outstanding products, customer service, manufacturing and innovation to our customers and a pleasing and satisfying environment for our staff to spend their work day,” said Dan Hamilton, owner of Vortex Optics.

The entrance to the headquarters will include a number of display and viewing areas. Taxidermy, hunting and tactical displays, the feeling of warmth and outdoors of a fireplace, seating, and space that can accommodate small seminars, presentations and outdoors-minded gatherings could be arranged.

“Mr. Hamilton wanted the building to look good and fit in now and in the future, not something modern today and out-of-date in a decade,” said Shamus Terry, dealer and international sales manager of Vortex Optics. “Look out the front windows at that panorama view!

“It’s all here in one location, consumer sales, wholesale, warehouse and engineering making it a very efficient operation for those who use or want to use optics in the outdoors.”

Once the building is completed and Vortex Optics moves from its present location in west Middleton, now occupying seven buildings, other businesses and developments can see what the company is and formalize their need.

“This is a worldwide, Wisconsin-grown company,” Terry said.

Even though gun sales will never be part of the company, there is a gun volt to house items used in photography for sales literature.

“If someone or some company wants to see a scope made from stock bar aluminum to a scope they can use to shoot, we can show them,” Terry said. “We’re a very transparent company; all about customers. We pride ourselves in a CARE motto -- Creating A Rare Experience when someone visits or uses our products.”

Terry likes to think the world headquarters site can show customers a lot of things they have never seen with other companies. He says Dan Hamilton is all about the customers, doing anything for them we could.

Why the added space?

"We want to be more efficient, more spread out and yet all in one location, one building and give the customers a better Vortex Optics experience.

“Many companies are online companies. We want to be available for customers, if they want, whether they purchase one scope or a million dollars in product. They can come out here to see what we do end-to-end,” Terry said. “Everyone is treated the same, if it’s $100 or millions.”

Terry believes this new building will allow Vortex to take even better care of their outdoors customers and continue to provide a guaranteed, quality product.

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