The Slider

Introducing The Slider, by Quaker Boy.

One of the simple-to-use turkey calls, originally called an Easier Yelper by Quaker Boy Game Calls, just got even easier.

Introducing The Slider, by Quaker Boy.

“We took push-rod technology and put everything inside the little box,” said Chris Kerby, of Quaker Boy in New York. “There’s no noise while walking through the woods. It’s not sounding off when it shouldn’t be and there is no rod extruding outside the box.”

Just slide one trigger finger inside the small box, from either hand, onto the finger hold, pull back and yelps, purrs, and clucks come easy, and so do turkeys, according to the maker.

“It’s super easy to use, extremely realistic, and eliminates all those unwanted sounds,” Kerby said. “And there is control over the volume, too, by adding pressure to the sounding board.”

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The plastic slide rod moves back and forth with the help of a spring; the call is ambivalent to moisture often an unwanted condition during spring hunts.

The most-needed turkey calls, yelps, purrs and clucks, particularly in close-up situations when a gun is being held, are possible with The Slider.

This call will be on sporting goods shelves this spring for $20 to $30, depending on the source.

Wisconsin’s turkey season, the first period, opens Wednesday, April 17, while the last of the seven-day, sixth period (F) closes Tuesday, May 28.

The Saturday-Sunday youth hunt is April 13-14.


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