Dennis Punzel and Jon Arias discuss the University of Wisconsin volleyball team's incoming freshmen and spring preparation with head coach Kelly Sheffield. 

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1:40 - What do you use the spring season for specifically?

4:30 - Why Sheffield is hesitant to take early enrollees

10:00 - An update on Molly Haggerty and Tionna Williams injuries

12:30 - How are leaders developed and who will they be this year?

15:15 - Will Lauryn Gillis make the leap this year?

18:20 - What do players/coaches do with film of the last game of the season?

21:30 - On UW's consistency and the talent, depth in NCAA volleyball

24:30 - Sheffield on recruiting travels, specific qualities he looks for in players

31:20 - Have kids changed or have adults changed in sports today?


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