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Quintez Cephus - Wisconsin vs. Indiana

Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Quintez Cephus (87) gets yards after the catch for a first down before being tackled by Indiana Hoosiers defensive lineman Allen Stallings IV (99) and defensive back Chase Dutra (30) during the second quarter of Wisconsin's 45-17 win over Indiana on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind.

Wisconsin State Journal reporter Jason Galloway collected some of the best tweets from the Wisconsin Badgers' 45-17 victory over the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind.

Here's what fans were saying on Twitter on Saturday:

“Need to clean up a lot but W is a W."

— Justin Lepinski (@JustinLepinski)

“As good as they looked all year the last 3 quarters. Encouraging."

— Mitchell Skurzewski (@MSkurzewski)

“Did exactly what they needed to Went into a potential trap game on the road and won by almost 30."

— Dan D. (@One_Punch_Dan)

“Nice win but concerns about Cephus’ and Orr’s injuries. We will need them down the stretch."

— Brian VanDenzen (@bvandenzen)

“Haiku: Trap game said pundits / looked pretty bad early on / wore them down later"

— University and State (@UnivAndState)

“Great response after being down 10-0, also love the style points!"

— Kyle Gasser (@Gassman3268)

“Losing Cephus and Orr… already fretting next week."

— Buckets (@BucketsBB)

“It was a slow Badger start (which is typical), but they continued to show why they are a force. Strong response to being down 10-0. Good win."

— ThanksDawg (@Mirdawg5)

“Badgers finally accept that margin of victory matters. But the big story is key injuries heading into toughest part of schedule."

— Russ Evansen (@waunaruss)

“The margin of victory helps our seeding next week."

— David Jorgenson (@Doctor__Dave)

“It’s nit picking, but at times our o-line looked slow off the ball and poor in pass protection. Need to shore it up for the big boys."

— Ryan Peterson (@ryan_peterson07)

“They never get rattled. Solid road win. Orr and Cephus injuries look bad, hope I’m wrong. 9-0 #OnWisconsin"

— Dan Dahnert (@BadgerDan19)

“Another day. Another win! Another strong defensive performance! Will the game make an impact on Playoff Committee? Impact of injuries?"

— Chris Birke (@chris_birke)

“Nice to play at our level against weaker competition. This team can beat anyone. Will not do it “pretty” always, though."

— Matt Ellenbecker (@mattde5er)

“Just win baby!!! 9-0"

— John Matuschka (@john_matuschka)

“Season over if Cephus is done."

— Zammmmm Zaddddy (@ZammZaddyyy)

“Great win. Super concerned about injury to 87."

— richard kalson (@rdk1212)

“Still not running on all 8 cylinders, but a W is a W."

— Michael Martin (@mjmartin557)

“Loved every minute of (the game)!"

— Tyler Bouressa (@TylerBouressa)

“Amazing things happen in the red zone when you pass on a down other than third."

— Todd Romance (@toddromance)

“Play. Action. Passing. Please. There’s somehow 9 people around Taylor each time he receives ball."

— Jeremy Wojtecki (@jwojPAC)

“Such an undisciplined team at times. Come on PC."

— Abe From an (@kdubbs36)


Jason Galloway is the Wisconsin Badgers football beat writer for the Wisconsin State Journal.