The practicality of the 1930s continued early in the 1940s, but the end of World War II (which gave rise to the "Baby Boom") and the arrival of plastics in manufacturing kicked off a new era in toys by the end of the decade.

Notable quotes:

“Santa told us that he is here to make a list of all the good little boys and girls and to find out just what they want for Christmas. So visit Toyland as soon as possible and get on Santa’s list!” - Harry S. Manchester Inc., 1941

“More fun – for Dad as well as Junior! It (electric freight train) has everything to make a welcome gift for the men in your house.” - J.C. Penney, 1941

“To be sure of bulging stockings and bright-eyed happiness on Christmas morning visit GAMBLE’S.” - Gambles, 1945 “Christmas wouldn't seem right for any little girl if Santa didn't bring that one special gift … a new baby doll.” - Goodyear Service, 1945

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