Why does President Donald Trump have so many family members, advisers and associates who are perfectly comfortable meeting and cooperating with Russians to explore the possibilities of undermining our democracy (or democracy in Europe, for that matter)?

At the age of 69, I have many old friends from my Army days, as well as friends I made working for a number of small businesses and corporations over the years. Some are Republicans and some are Democrats. But I have never, in all these years, met a single individual who would even think of cooperating with Russian agents -- or the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin -- for either profit or political gain. Not one.

Yet President Trump seems surrounded by these people. Where does he find them? This is not a type of American citizen I’ve ever seen before. I suppose it’s possible that no civics or history courses were offered when they were in high school, or they had no parents or church to teach them ethics.

Peter Egan, Stoughton