Lawmakers must act on OWI scourge -- Caralee Butzine

Lawmakers must act on OWI scourge -- Caralee Butzine


How long are Wisconsin legislators going to ignore drunken driving? How many more lives must be lost? How many chances are we giving these repeat offenders to kill someone?

I'm mad, and I want these questions answered.

On the night of Nov. 2, 2016, my life came crumbling down. I lost my nephew and his girlfriend to a drunken driver. I was in shock and still am because it doesn’t seem real. That first month, I lost all sense of time. My grief of how and why this had to happen to my family overwhelmed me.

Then came anger.

Day after day I see articles of repeat offenders being given another chance. Are our lawmakers not seeing what I’m seeing? I just don’t understand it. Will they not act until it happens to their family? Are they proud of Wisconsin being the only state that makes a first offense a ticket? I sure hope not.

I will fight to honor my nephew his girlfriend until change is made no matter how long it takes. Please help me by going to to make your voice heard. There is power in numbers.

Caralee Butzine, Waterloo


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