In Sunday's editorial endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, the State Journal wrote: “We [cannot] elect someone who would fuel strife at home by pitting Americans against one another.

Hillary Clinton described half of her opposition’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables.” I guess the State Journal editorial board feels this type of inflammatory and insensitive language will unite and not divide.

The editorial also said she "worked well with her GOP colleagues in the Senate, sponsoring hundreds of bipartisan bills.” Actually, during her eight years in the Senate, she had her name on only three bills that became law, and only 74 of the bills she co-sponsored (sometimes with dozens of other senators, making her signature rather inconsequential) became law.

Further, the editorial states: “Clinton has advanced the cause of freedom for women and children around the globe.” All while her family’s foundation accepted millions in contributions from countries who punish and persecute women for simply being women.

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Finally, the editorial states: “Clinton continued her less-than-flashy yet highly professional bid for the presidency.” I guess misleading the FBI, the United States Congress and the American people is considered presidential.

Not for this voter.

David Rizzo, Fitchburg

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