I am extremely proud of the Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly, which passed the Campus Free Speech Act last week. I earned my master's degree from UW-Madison in 1973 and lived through many violent protests during my time there.

Violence and disruption are neither free speech nor intelligent. They are anti-intellectual and tyrannical. The kind of bullying that happened at Ben Shapiro's talk at UW last November is being tolerated in major universities across America these days. I am proud that the state of Wisconsin, in regards to my alma mater, has more common sense than that and has stood up for civility and true freedom of speech for everyone.

It should alarm us that the students with such hostility, intolerance and irrational thinking might some day be leaders in our country. Perhaps, if the Assembly's bill passes in the Senate and is signed into law, it will encourage those aggressive young people to learn more adult-like behavior.

Actions that prevent the free speech of others are not free speech. Remember the adage: "My right to swing my arm ends where your nose begins."

Sandy Wedel, Great Falls, Montana

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