As harvest winds down, I write out of concern for farmers like me across the Midwest. We’ve been hurt by decreased demand for biofuels, due largely to small refinery exemptions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

For three decades I was a weekday commuter on urban and then suburban buses in California. I learned that extra-long buses were effective in moving many thousands of passengers each day on routes featuring dedicated lanes.

Why does President Donald Trump have so many family members, advisers and associates who are perfectly comfortable meeting and cooperating with Russians to explore the possibilities of undermining our democracy (or democracy in Europe, for that matter)?

The July 6 letter to the editor "Nation founded on Christian ideals" claims “the American system is the political expression of Christian ideals.” Yet the author really does not give any basis for making this claim (it is hardly a “truism”).

In the July 4 issue of the State Journal, a full-page ad titled "God Bless America" expounded, with multiple quotes, that the United States of America is a Christian nation. It even argued the law about prayer in school. This full-page ad was sponsored and paid for by Hobby Lobby. 

Anti-democratic forces in our nation have always been in the wings, but they have been held back by stronger forces. Since the election of President Donald Trump, these forces have come out in full force and are driving legislative and other public-policy decisions.

Saturday’s editorial from the Chicago Tribune, "Single-payer health care is no panacea," presented the tragic case of baby Charlie Gard in England as evidence against a single-payer system. That case has nothing to do with payment: The parents have resources to pay for an experimental treatm…

The Madison City Council needs to take a close look at its vendetta against Police Chief Mike Koval and the Madison Police Department. When you see gun fire and homicides increasing in the city, the City Council should realize its role in this. Those pondering the commission of a criminal ac…

Another way to achieve low-income housing at the Messner site in Madison would be to lease or gift the property to a nonprofit that would be exempt from property taxes so long as its housing services remained compliant with all applicable statutes.

Because of the recent request for voter data by the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, voters are concerned about the release of their information. Fortunately, Wisconsin is not giving the commission your date of birth, Social Security number or driver’s license number.

Regarding the recent State Journal article about "Madison's 10 most dangerous intersections," drivers see "speed stings" throughout the city. I have even seen "pedestrian crossing" stings to catch those drivers who ignore pedestrians in the new lighted crosswalks.