Foxconn appears to be a re-election move for our governor.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are struggling, cuts have hurt our University of Wisconsin System. His signature jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., made millions in questionable loans, some of which have not been recovered.

Now the governor wants taxpayers to pay $3 billion to a foreign company with a poor track record. Foxconn promised Pennsylvania a $30 million facility that never came to pass, and it broke promises to Brazil and Vietnam.

The Wisconsin Legislature appears ready to gut environmental protections for our waters for Foxconn. Why? As of March, Gov. Scott Walker is still 64,792 jobs short of the number he promised to create back in 2010. Walker should consider more investment here in its citizens, not his re-election effort, such as job training, encouraging entrepreneurship, education and teacher training and tax incentives for U.S. companies to invest here. He should increase the minimum wage instead of drug testing for food stamps.

Let's make Wisconsin progressive again where all can have a opportunity.

Lila Hemlin, Madison