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I live and work near Truax Field, so I'm familiar with the noise factor. I care about a clean environment, but I care about people and jobs more.

A little more noise this side of town isn't going to hurt anything. I'm very supportive of the military men and women, and all the jobs this update in fighter jets preserves, and the extra jobs it brings. Losing the base would mean a huge loss of revenue, the loss of more than 1,200 jobs, and loss of income for area businesses, including restaurants.

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Again, I care more about the people potentially affected than the environment when it comes down to it. We don't need more people on welfare and government assistance -- paid for by working taxpayers. We do need a strong military to protect us, and this is one important part of that mission.

Even nature shows us survival of the fittest. Strength is an important factor. The F-35 is a beautiful plane. I see no good reason to nix it here. I see every reason to make sure it becomes part of our community.

Walter Fitzgerald, Madison

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