Dear world:

We owe you an apology for unleashing the terror called Donald Trump.

Many of us feel your pain. We cannot stand his lying, bullying and massive ego. He has destroyed civil relationship with our friends, but hangs out with dictators.

Some focus on what he has done for the economy. But it's the rich who are getting richer. The average citizen is befitting very little. The economy was growing before he became president and will grow again after he is gone -- only the world will be different. Our friends will look elsewhere for solutions. 

He gives massive tax cuts to the rich and wants the middle class to pay for it. Cuts to social programs that keep folks out of bankruptcy are on the table. Many of his businesses have gone bankrupt. But it's the suckers who invest in his schemes who lose money. 

His administration has had a slew of people indicted for crimes against us. His administration blatantly and openly defies court orders with the blessings of his followers, staff and certain news organizations.

Yes, we are sorry. Hopefully, sanity will again prevail, and we can be rid of the most vulgar, hypocritical and dictatorial administration in our history.

Richard Nawratil, Monona 

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