Have decades of abortion resulted in 60 million unborn children being discarded just for convenience? There is more to the story.

While the debates and the politics and the protests continue, no one has offered a solution. No one really talks about the real problem: shame and fear. Women who find themselves pregnant have a lot to lose.

Our society still shames women who get pregnant outside of marriage. Families are not supportive, not at first. Medical insurance, single parenting, even getting and holding a job are formidable challenges to a woman on her own.

What's the solution? Communities need to welcome pregnancy, not shame it. When a woman is struggling to secure housing, decent wages and insurance -- and then must provide for a new baby -- abortion may seem like a very easy way out. Family and community education could mean the difference between life and death.

Neither religion nor civil avenues have come up with solutions to help women. The welfare state is not a solution. I propose a pro-women movement to aid such women.

We have become armchair experts at condemning Planned Parenthood and completely useless at creating credible alternatives. I hope the time to act has not passed.

Daniel Moran, Waunakee

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