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War on drugs is a waste of resources -- Joe Rickey

War on drugs is a waste of resources -- Joe Rickey

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It is time to end the drug war. President Richard Nixon launched this war during the 1970s to create more votes for the Republican Party by removing Black votes by putting them in jail.

Who enforces drug laws? The police. This is a waste of their time. Someone smoking a joint should not be a problem.

Portugal decriminalized drug possession. They offered drug treatment programs, which has helped addicts.

Here in America we lock them up and offer little.

Nearly every drug has pharmaceutical versions. Adderall is similar to methamphetamine. Methadone is similar to heroin. Some doctors overprescribe these drugs. Often these drugs as handed out because pharmaceutical companies are pushing the drugs.

Rewarding prisons for recidivism is also part of the problem. These prisoners are the customers in a sense. Repeat “customers” give the prison employers incentive to keep a turnstyle going.

As taxpayers, we should not be spending money on policy that has obviously failed for 50 years.

Joe Rickey, Madison

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