Regardless of a person's political leaning, the majority of U.S. citizens want a safe and secure northern and southern border.

We are witnessing a huge power struggle between common sense and socialist ideology. Many illegal aliens who have crossed our borders have cost American taxpayers a lot of money for social problems such as housing, education, law enforcement and health care.

The construction of a border wall can't solve all of our immigration problems, but clearly it is a giant step in the right direction to make our cities much safer. We truly are a nation of legal immigrants, and millions of people have contributed wonderfully to making America a more productive and better country. We are most grateful for the legal immigrants' tremendous contributions over the years.

Other nations don't let illegal immigrants cross their borders. Why should the United States be any different. A quote attributed to Colin Powell said things accurately: "A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work." It is wrong to allow anyone to come here without first being vetted by the immigration authorities. 

Wayne Alden, McFarland

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