Wisconsin voters need to pay attention.

Gov. Scott Walker, in a quest to gain a third term, is once again into his bag of dirty tricks. He is reopening a case that was settled by the Supreme Court two years ago because he sees a chance to diminish Tony Evers as an opponent in the next gubernatorial election.

Our Wisconsin Constitution gives Evers power in managing our state educational system. Our Legislature passed a law that limited those powers and in most cases moved that influence into administrative agencies controlled by Gov. Walker. Our state Supreme Court sided with the state constitution and maintained Evers' authority. Walker is once again challenging Evers in another attempt to hurt his candidacy.

Add to this the admission by our attorney general that implementing a Voter ID law has aided GOP candidates, and Wisconsin starts looking like an enemy of democracy. The attorney general can point to 73 cases of possible voter fraud that were prevented by denying thousand of Wisconsin citizens their right to vote.

I wonder which Democratic candidate will be the next target as Gov. Walker tries to demean the competition and continue to rule Wisconsin.

Gene Bier, Milton