Plymouth native and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers, has jumped into the governor's race as a Democrat to challenge Gov. Scott Walker in next year's election.

The announcement wasn't hours old before a Walker aide claimed Evers was a "Madison bureaucrat." That label apparently carries a negative connotation in some quarters, and was meant to be a reason not to consider Evers as a plausible candidate. But a "Madison bureaucrat" is exactly what Gov. Walker has been, and continues to be.

Gov. Walker is the consummate professional politician. What else has he accomplished in his life except getting elected? He even tried his hand at running for president before it was abundantly clear he did not have the gravitas for the job.

Worse than being a professional politician, Gov. Walker has consistently, and with a high degree of deceit, pushed his narrow principles on the people of Wisconsin. He's pushed such misconceived notions as: limiting voting and women's rights, trashing our environmental standards, and severely tipping the state tax code to favor the rich, the privileged and big business.

Walker is indeed a professional politician -- a "Madison bureaucrat" -- but for all the wrong reasons.

Mark Quinn, Madison