Vos is willfully ignorant on climate -- Carol Steinhart

Vos is willfully ignorant on climate -- Carol Steinhart


If Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, sees “no task” for Gov. Tony Evers' bipartisan task force on climate change, he must be willfully ignorant of the governor's charge to it.

If he is sincerely unaware of the seriousness of the issue the task force is trying to address, whatever its cause, he must be oblivious of the mounting social and economic costs of climate change -- right here in Wisconsin.

If he has no idea why climate change might be occurring, he could ask people who have a very good idea. Does he impugn the motives of the United Nations, the International Panel on Climate Change, and the innumerable organizations, agencies and qualified scientists who understand this perfectly and are issuing increasingly dire warnings?

Speaker Vos' comments don't wash. To paraphrase what he said about the governor, I have no doubt in my mind that Speaker Vos says these things for political reasons.

The job of state government is to work constructively on the state's real problems for the benefit of the people, not to promulgate an extreme political agenda. In the good old days, Wisconsin's legislators tried to do their job.

Carol Steinhart, Madison


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