Aren’t Wisconsin Assembly representatives supposed to represent the wishes and concerns of their constituents? Apparently, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, doesn’t think he has to do his job.

The April 18 State Journal article "Vos unmoved by support for more Medicaid" reports that Speaker Vos is rejecting a Medicaid expansion and ignoring that 70% of Wisconsin citizens support it. Speaker Vos actually said, “Sometimes you have to lead by what you believe in and not just follow public polling.” What?

Robin Vos unmoved by poll showing support for Medicaid expansion: 'Sometimes you have to lead by what you believe in'

This comment is not only outrageously arrogant, but it’s an example of blatant hypocrisy. Speaker Vos and the GOP have constantly used the rhetoric about "activist" judges and lawmakers (anyone who opposes them) who rule based on "what they believe the law should be."

So it’s OK for Speaker Vos to be an "activist," but not anyone else?

Barbara Burczyk, Deerfield

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