In the Jan. 6 State Journal story "Agency picks get mixed reviews," our current self-appointed other governor, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, opined that Tony Evers’ Cabinet contains too many folks from Madison and Milwaukee.

Tony Evers' Cabinet picks signal pragmatism, diversity to some; others call them too urban-centric

Assembly Speaker Vos complained, "With his Cabinet primarily selected from the Madison and Milwaukee areas, it’s concerning that he seems to be already ignoring the rest of the state."

I would like to remind the fast-talking Speaker Vos that he and his Republican friends have ignored Madison and Milwaukee for the last eight years.

If the Walker administration did pay any attention to our two largest cities, it was to meddle with their local control, or even worse find tricky ways to suppress democratic turnout at election time. And of course with his petty commentary, Speaker Vos seeks to worsen the urban vs. rural divide.

Better, more magnanimous men are unifiers. Our only hope is that Speaker Vos remains a governor only in his own mind.

Margaret Sherman, Beaver Dam

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