Among the many fault lines in our society, which the COVID-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated, is the lack of broadband internet service for people, like me, living in rural areas.

Our internet service is so poor here that participation in Zoom meetings is impossible. We are unable to work from home, our children can't attend virtual classrooms from home, we can't have virtual visits with family and friends or participate in meetings, webinars and other virtual events. The COVID-19 crisis is making us aware that universal access to broadband is fast becoming as necessary to modern life as universal access to telephone and electric services.

When telephone and electric services were new, rural folks were left out because it was not profitable for providers of those services to extend them to rural ares. It took government intervention to ensure that rural folks were not left behind. Now rural areas are not being adequately served by broadband providers because it is not profitable for them to do so. Once again we need government action to bring about universal access to broadband internet and citizen action to make sure our government does so.

Allen Pincus, Barneveld

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