Thanks to the State Journal for accurately portraying our position and request to UW-Madison to immediately reinstate Quintez Cephus.

The university claimed in its Aug. 12 press release that it cannot perform the full review of Cephus’ petition for reinstatement without “all relevant court records, which in this case were not provided in the petition.” The university is wrong. We provided over 250 pages of documents, court exhibits, transcripts of witness statements, and all of the videos from city cameras, the Double U bar, the apartment, and the dorms inside and out.

We implored the university to wait until the criminal trial was completed to conduct its Title IX investigation and hearing, knowing that new information would continuously be revealed throughout the case. Sadly, because university officials did not wait, a one-sided portrait of the events was presented to the university's hearing panel and an injustice resulted. The university knows that the jury, which heard all the evidence, returned a decisive “not guilty” verdict in 30 minutes and said the decision was clear. The university should remedy the wrong done to Cephus and immediately reinstate him.

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Unless UW’s better angels prevail, Cephus will lose another year of his academic and athletic career based on allegations that jurors overwhelmingly and immediately rejected.

Stephen J. Meyer and Kathleen B. Stilling, lawyers for Quintez Cephus, the former University of Wisconsin football player expelled after being accused, and now cleared, of sexual assault

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