Given our extremes in weather, I am reminded of how my own use of resources affects our climate. I am asking myself if I have a choice.  And if I do, can I choose to use less?

I’m finding the choice to use less resources usually makes us happier. We recently chose to stop my son’s evening karate lessons -- for a few reasons -- but one of them was asking ourselves if driving him 20 miles into town, two to three times a week, was worth warming the planet? We decided it wasn’t, partly because our 7-year-old son loves wildlife and realizes what heat-trapping gasses are doing to our planet. Now our evenings are more peaceful, with better dinners and more time to breathe.

Some of us have more choice in our use of resources than others. To be alive on this planet is to have an impact. But please join me in asking some critical questions and choose to use less when we can.

Debra Moses, Plain

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