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U.S. military is threat to world — Kent Gallaway

U.S. military is threat to world — Kent Gallaway


A survey of world opinion cited the United States as the biggest threat to world peace. Do Americans ever put themselves in the shoes of others?

We have held the world hostage with the fear of a nuclear war. We establish bases all over the world. Look at Iraq. With what that country has been through with our meddling in their affairs, can you blame them for wanting us out?

We have a military industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in the 1950s that drives our foreign policy. The military is big business, and our politicians don't have the courage to cut a military budget. It's time to put our military in peace mode.

We could devote the billions we spend for the Pentagon to humanitarian projects, which would win hearts and minds more effectively than bombs and bullets. Maybe we should surrender our exceptionalism mindset to help countries facing climate change and other catastrophes.

Granted, a change of heart such as this would be viewed with skepticism by the world because we have been out of control for so long. But if we could unite long enough to convince ourselves that endless war resolves nothing, the resources wasted on war could put us on a path of sustainability.

Maybe then, America could truly be the light of the free world.

Kent Gallaway, Readstown 

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