Our moderate Wisconsin State Journal was right on the money in Wednesday's editorial citing President Donald Trump as the problem for Republicans and their election prospects.

Trump is Wisconsin

President Donald Trump, center, along with then-Gov. Scott Walker, left, and Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou participate in a groundbreaking event for the new Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant on June 28, 2018.

President Trump’s bluster, behavior, divisive methods and bullying demeanor are not popular with most Americans, including most Wisconsinites. This never was more clear than last November when, although Trump wasn’t on the ballot, his negative presence helped the Democrats win every statewide race. The voters chose Democrats over Republicans because of their rejection of Trump. Severe gerrymandering by the Republicans here disallowed for further Democratic victories.

The real problem for Wisconsin Republicans is Trump

This State Journal’s editorial was challenged by Matt Batzel, the leader of a far-right conservative advocacy group in a column on Saturday, "Trump is great for Wisconsin and the Republican Party." Apparently, he has forgotten Wisconsin farmers who are devastated by the Trump tariffs. Batzel also cites questionable and somewhat irrelevant figures to disguise Trump's shortcomings.

Yes, Trump did win Wisconsin in 2016, in part because of a flawed, unpopular opponent. But President Trump has dramatically receded in popularity in most of the red states, including Wisconsin. So 2016 will not be repeated.

Mark Quinn, Madison

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