After Michigan's Gogebic Range iron mines shut down, widespread unemployment ensued. The only job my father found was in farm fields near Madison.

He toiled with Mexican migrants, who weren't rapists or drug dealers, as Donald Trump slanderously claims, but great people who could tolerate long hours of hard work in the hot sun.

Though dad was a strong man, he didn't have the endurance required, and had to leave his new friends behind. Until the local economy rebounded, our family relied on public assistance to survive.

If President Trump's government-shutdown stubbornness continues, countless federal employees and others dependent on their services will endure severe deprivation. That's unconscionable.

Just as his claims about the Central Park Five's guilt and Barack Obama's alleged foreign birth were proven bogus, Trump's current portrayal of asylum seekers is shamefully fraudulent.

If he wants a falsely justified border wall so badly, let him pay the $5.7 billion out of his own pocket, not ours.

Dennis Rahkonen, Superior

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