Trump should pursue these priorities -- Linda Bernhardt

Trump should pursue these priorities -- Linda Bernhardt


Buying Greenland? 

This proves that President Donald Trump and his administrative staff are stupid or crazy or both.

He wants to buy Greenland and put up a Trump Tower. He can only think of real estate deals and has no knowledge of any government business. He leaves that to the least talented people who haven’t been vetted and don't know anything about what they should be doing.

Instead of breaking the emoluments clause by enriching himself through real estate while in office, Trump should:

  • Help veterans who fought for this country while Trump did not. Trump has taken money from the military to try to get his wall built.
  • Stop lying and admit his greed for money while mouthing the NRA policies that kill so many people.
  • Go back to school and learn something about diversity, and learn why people call him racist, ethnist, anti-Semitic, sexist and ageist. He is all of those but doesn’t understand why he is so ignorant. Does he know anything about religions? 
  • Work on the "great health care policy" he and the GOP said would benefit all Americans rather than the insurance companies and Big Pharma

Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

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