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Trump's response has been a disaster -- David F. Olson

Trump's response has been a disaster -- David F. Olson


President Donald Trump has boasted about how he and only he has influenced the stock market gains since his election in 2016. Today, the stock market is in shambles, two steps away from a complete crash.

Surely his policies and decisions have had a negative influence during the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as he took control of this country, President Trump abolished a program designed by the Obama administration to mitigate an epidemic. A few weeks ago, he blamed the Centers for Disease Control for the situation we are in today.

President Trump has never accepted responsibility for any negative outcomes in this country. He either blames others and replaces them or denies responsibility. He demands apologies from anyone who calls him out. But when has Trump ever apologized to anyone for any of his transgressions? At his press conferences he kills the microphone if someone asks him a question he doesn't like, and yet many Trump supporters continue to back him. Why?

David F. Olson, Fitchburg

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