Trump's done much despite Democrats -- Astrid Faust

Trump's done much despite Democrats -- Astrid Faust


House Speaker Nancy Polosi, D-Calif., wanted to impeach President Donald Trump as soon as he was elected. Now let's compare the accomplishments of these two.

The president's first duty is to protect this nation, which he is doing by building a wall on our border. Other nations are realizing we have a president with a backbone and that, when he draws a red line, he won't let anyone cross it.

President Trump campaigned on ripping up trade deals with other countries, which he has done. This will be a big boon for our farmers.

Our economy is surging. Wall Street has just moved to more record highs. Check your 401Ks and retirement accounts and you will see that Wall Street is not the only beneficiary. Faith organizations have President Trump's backing in protecting religious freedom.

As president, Trump has the right to speak with other world leaders and decide if our tax dollars should be issued until he is confident that it is not going to a corrupt government. In this case, the funds to Ukraine were only withheld for a short period of time.

What has Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic Party accomplished in the past three years besides trying to destroy a president that in spite of the attacks manages to lead this great nation?

Astrid Faust, Waunakee


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