Hundreds of prosecutors across the United States have signed a letter stating that President Donald Trump’s actions “satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated he could not charge President Trump with obstruction because of a policy preventing indicting a sitting president. The current president of the United States, an “unindicted co-conspirator,” has committed criminal acts. He also admitted in a recent interview that he would not contact the FBI if a foreign government contacted him with dirt on an opposing candidate.

Additionally, he is refusing to turn over documents to Congress needed to complete investigations on behalf of the American people. What else is he hiding? How much more evidence is needed to remove this reprehensible individual from office?

It’s astounding the Republican Party, the so-called party of law and order, continues to support him. Impeachment or 2020 cannot come soon enough to remove this Trump-sized stain on our country.

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

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