Friday's letter to the editor "God's word encourages you to vote" argued that one cannot be a Democrat and a Christian because the Democratic platform allows pregnant women to choose abortion. I suggest a far more compelling argument can be made that one cannot be a Republican, especially of the Trump variety, and also be a Christian.

God's word encourages you to vote -- Tom Flanagan

Abortion is harmful to both mother and child because, generally-speaking, women are genetically designed to protect their children. But the way to reduce the rate of abortion is to eliminate the causes of anxiety and fear that lead expectant mothers to terminate their pregnancy. Republicans generally oppose such social programs.

If abortion is illegal, we know from historical data that women will simply seek out an illegal provider, and many women will die from botched procedures by unqualified persons.

Republicans oppose health care for all, which means millions -- both in the womb and out -- will suffer and die prematurely because of lack of access to medical treatment. Republicans oppose immigration and even political asylum despite Christ’s clear command that all his followers have a duty to welcome the stranger.

We would all do well to remember Christ’s admonition to cast the beam out of our own eye before we complain about the splinter in our neighbor’s eye. It is also worth noting that the command "do not judge others" is possibly the most repeated command in the entire New Testament.

James L. Carney, Madison

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