I'm getting pretty upset with the Trump administration.

His henchman Mick Mulvaney is bragging about decimating the U.S. Department of Agriculture by moving it out of Washington, D.C., which will result in the loss of many experienced experts and scientists.

President Abraham Lincoln started this agency over 150 years ago and called it the "People's Department." So I guess it makes sense Trump and the right-wing Republicans want to do us the favor of crushing it.

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I read recently that Tyson wants to start inspecting its own meat processing plants. Anyone remember reading "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair? I guess our democracy is pretty weak. What took decades or centuries to build is being quickly dismantled by one man.

Anywhere you care to look, federal agencies are being destroyed. I don't recall many discussions about this. Are we already living in a dictatorship but just don't know it yet? I guess now that we have instant communication everything can move along much faster than it did back in the '30s. Is anybody else starting to feel like weeping?

Shane Vondra, Poynette

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