Last Sunday's letter to the editor "Thank God for Trump's victory" claimed that Donald Trump's election was a miracle from God.

Thank God for Trump's victory -- Timothy Rookey

Let's review the evidence for this miracle. Supposedly, President Trump has improved the security at the southern border. He has done this through the methods of destroying families, locking children in cages, and stealing billions from military projects to pay for his boondoggle of a wall that smugglers can cut through in 10 minutes with a cheap saw.

How about improving our national security? Centuries-old alliances have been damaged, vulnerable allies were abandoned, and dictators have been coddled and given legitimacy in exchange for nothing. Not to mention a complete failure to address climate change, the biggest threat of all to national security.

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What about confronting China on its poor human rights record? President Trump's ludicrous trade war has driven farm bankruptcies through the roof and gained us nothing. He's also done nothing of substance to support human rights anywhere in the world, nor is he ever likely to.

I have to agree with last week's letter, though: President Trump really was sent by God in the same way that God once sent locusts and boils to Egypt.

Scott Whitney, Platteville

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