The Trump administration has demonstrated the depths of its cruelty by holding immigration raids at food processing plants in Mississippi timed to occur while ostensibly comforting shooting victims in El Paso.

Some of the individuals detained as a result of the raids were separated from their children while the children were in their first week of school. President Donald Trump has separated families at the border and put children in cages. Where is the so-called Christian right while all this is taking place? Crickets.

The religious right seems to give unwavering support to this president despite his adultery, lying, alleged criminal acts and now brutal, inhuman treatment of our fellow human beings -- including children. What kind of Christianity is that?

Instead of standing up to Trump’s immoral behavior, they are applauding the appointment of anti-abortion judges while ignoring his brutish policies. Apparently their brand of Christianity believes after babies are born they are on their own.

One can only hope true Christians step up to protest this administration’s dehumanizing and un-American policies and come out in droves in 2020 to vote out Trump, his accomplices and enablers.

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

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