Labels. Labels. Labels.

Maybe we shouldn't use so many labels in this country. White, African American, Hispanic, Asian, gay, lesbian and transgender only separate us all into categories. If you're a citizen of this country, then you're an American. It's a simple as that.

If you are not a citizen, then that's it, you are not a citizen. If you are in the country illegally, then you are an illegal alien. "Illegal alien" is not a label, it is a statement of fact. By not being in the United States legally, you are not automatically afforded the rights that all American citizens have.

The worst labels in America today are the political labels. Drop the labels of being Democratic or Republican or whatever, and what are you then? A politician who wants only the best for their constituents. This type of politician cannot put his or her party affiliation first because there is no party affiliation.

This is just an idea of mine. Treat all by the only label that really matters. We are all human beings.

Wayne Kjar, Madison

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