I read Pat Richter's opinion piece, "Just another weekend for the 115th Fighter Wing," in the Aug. 26 State Journal, and it was very good. However, it did not address why we East Side residents are concerned about the F-35s: the noise factor and our quality of life.

I totally agree with the positive economic effects the Wisconsin Air National Guard has on the Madison area. Yet proponents of basing the F-35 at Truax Field have suggested that logical solutions to noise pollution include adding more insulation to homes, or having residents move somewhere else. Most of us can not do that. 

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Richter and I (and most of my family) graduated from East High School, and we all appreciate his contributions to our community. As a former City Council member who represented several of these affected neighborhoods for 20 years, I would ask Richter to try to help us -- maybe by getting our elected representatives to give us some sort of restitution with our taxes.

I have lived out here for 74 years, and don't want, and can not afford to move. Again Richter, thanks for making all of us on the East Side proud of you.

Mike Shivers, Madison

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