Stop fussing over the Packers' loss -- Susan Michaud

Stop fussing over the Packers' loss -- Susan Michaud


Whatever happened to the phrase "the better team won"?

Rather than all the hand-wringing and berating the Packers for all the things they should have done better -- and providing  a completely uninformative list of "F" grades -- one could just say that the Green Bay Packers were outplayed last Sunday.

Why? Because the San Francisco 49ers were better. That's nothing to be ashamed of. There's no need for the blame game or "serious introspection" of all the minute things that might have gone the other way if the Packers had been other than who they were on game day.

Does anyone think they didn't want to win? Do people think they could have wanted to win more? Really? For heaven's sake. Get a grip. It's a football game. There are winners and losers. The better team won, and they should have. That's why we have the games.

Susan Michaud, Black Earth


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