This past weekend the country had its second mass shooting in six weeks. Elected officials once again have offered their "heartfelt" sorrow and comments about how the shooter was mentally disturbed. Unfortunately, that's the only reaction the public can expect from them.

As long as the public keeps voting for candidates whose campaigns are financed by the National Rifle Association and the gun lobbies, then that's all they can expect. Assault weapons could be banned tomorrow if officials who voted in the public's interest were elected.

If the public wants common-sense gun reform, then they need to show up for elections and vote for those candidates who support it and who aren't afraid of the cash from the gun lobbies going to their oppositions.

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That's a tough stand in Wisconsin. Look at the Assembly's vote last week to allow children who've barely learned how to walk handle weapons. God knows we need 5-year-olds out there hunting. Nevertheless, the geniuses behind this bill got it through, and it's waiting in the state Senate.

If you want gun reform, then you need to show up on Election Day and vote out the NRA pawns.

Paul Mickey, Madison

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