Another day, another Madison hater vented his spleen in Tuesday's letter to the editor "Madison destroys rural environment."

This time we're destroying the rural habitat with wind and solar farms.


The authors also thinks we city folk shouldn't have resources for construction, or food and water.

Where, inside the city limits, does he think we could locate all of these solar panels and wind turbines? We could all put solar panels of every roof, I suppose. But, having grown up in a rural area, I know that times are hard out there. I live here because that's where the jobs are.

For far too long, rural areas have been getting the short end of the stick. I'd really love to hear him explain to his neighbors why he doesn't want them to make a living selling us food. (Never mind the water that comes here polluted with farm runoff).

Solar and wind projects could provide some decent jobs for the good folks out there. Perhaps they could vote for representation that would work toward that. It's a balancing act between making a living and protecting the environment.

Brian Walter, Madison

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