Gov. Scott Walker’s column in last Sunday's newspaper, "Let’s keep moving Wisconsin forward," displays once again his disingenuous interpretation of Wisconsin’s recent economic history.

He fails to explain why our state, along with the nation, were in such dire straits eight years ago. It was because of the Great Recession. Few can forget those times -- apparently Gov. Walker has. Yes, we did have high unemployment and deficits, but no state was spared this suffering. This recession was hatched during President George W. Bush’s administration, and President Barack Obama essentially righted the ship with his programs.

Gov. Walker had far less to do with our state’s recovery. He acts like he was the knight in shining armor riding in to save the day. But Gov. Walker fails to mention he drastically cut funding for our public schools, far more than what he is boasting in his current budget. When other states were increasing funding for their schools, understanding that a state’s future is based on how well its citizens are educated, Walker was cutting.

Gov. Walker boasts of significantly cutting taxes, which is true for the wealthy, large corporations and farms. Any sixth-grader could cut taxes. But a responsible governor would realize that proper taxation takes care of our schools, roads and public services.

Mark Quinn, Madison

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