A recent incident at the Whitehorse Middle School demonstrated why we need new leadership on the Madison School Board. That leadership can and should come from David Blaska.

The incident involved a black female student who sprayed air freshener in a classroom and exhibited disruptive behavior. The superintendent called the incident "horrific" before an investigation was completed, which absolved all staff members. Members of the School Board did little to address the discord among the community, the parent of the girl involved and activists. The School District staff were left hanging out to dry while board members seemed to be hiding to avoid any possibility they might say the wrong thing.

Blaska had the presence to tell everyone to be patient and not draw any conclusions until the investigation results were made public. He also said there should be accountability for students who misbehave. For that he was, of course, called a racist and all the other babble by activists who want to foment chaos.

He didn't hide trying to play it safe. He didn't react emotionally and politically in response to activists who who eventually would besmirch him. He didn't try to avoid conflict because it could potentially cost him an election to the board. 

Earl Kielley, Madison, former Madison School Board member

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