The Edgewood buildings are on a beautiful campus and managed by great neighbors. I purchase a property two blocks from the Edgewood campus in 1977, expecting normal healthy student activity, including athletic events. So I fully support Edgewood's plan for lights and nighttime athletics.

Complaints by opponents parallel complaints of noise by those who buy homes near the airport and railroad crossings and expect no airplanes or trains. When UW-Madison's success in volleyball resulted in dramatically more attendance for night games at the Field House, no one opposed the higher need for parking in the neighborhood.

Now a number of letters to the editor in opposition to Edgewood's plan seem insincere and illogical, the most recent comparing the activity of high school football to "urban chaos" and the "filling of wetlands."

It seems that most of those in opposition aren't really concerned about a little more noise from a positive educational experience for students. They are really in opposition to private andreligious education. They should remember that this school is saving them property tax dollars by educating a significant number of students at the expense of the students' families.

Let the kids play ball at night.

Jerry Darda, Madison 

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