Regarding Wednesday's State Journal editorial, "Don’t stall fix to crumbling state roads": It's too bad the people who are suppose to be running the show down in Madison don't use a little common sense to fix our roads. The politicians talk about it a lot and come back with the same old answers that have not worked.

Don't stall fix to Wisconsin's crumbling roads

A possible solution I have presented to a couple of my representatives from the Portage area is to raise the state sales tax by 1%. This would be used solely for the repair and maintenance of our state roads. This 1% could not be used for any other purpose.

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Why should the drivers be the only ones to pay for maintenance? Shouldn't everyone pay to repair our roads? Some people may not have a driver's license, but they use the roads. I don't think a 1% increase is going to break anyone. Do you? I myself would rather pay 1% more in sales tax than 8 cents in gas taxes.

Robert G. "Bob" Beahm, Portage

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