The recent proposal to allow driving on the shoulder of the Beltline seems like another ill-conceived transportation proposal, in the same basket as refusing raise the fuel tax to make needed repairs.

We should focus on moving more people rather than moving more vehicles that are typically carrying single occupants.

Ride sharing is really easy to do. It can save several thousand dollars per family per year. We can eliminate a third of all our traffic overnight, with zero public expense. We can help restore better air quality, which has been hurt by increasing traffic.

I also wonder what the plan is to prevent horrific crashes that would occur as drivers slam into disabled vehicles stalled on the shoulder.

Surely our highly educated and socially connected populace can get in touch, carpool on a large scale, and make far better use of the expensive lane miles we have already been paying for. As for me, I'll keep pedaling merrily along for most of my trips, as I have done for 53 years.

Jeffrey Schimpff, Madison

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