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Republicans must escape web of lies -- Scott Whitney

Republicans must escape web of lies -- Scott Whitney


Republicans at all levels have become lost in their endless lying.

President Donald Trump tells the lies regardless of actual evidence or objective reality. Sycophantic members of government affirm the lies out of greed or cowardice. Right-wing media amplifies and spreads the lies. White supremacist terrorists threaten any who tries to challenge the lies. Rank-and-file Republican voters swallow the lies whole, preferring the fantasy of a stolen election to the reality that Trump simply lost.

Every link in this chain must be addressed to save our nation. President Trump must be removed immediately, preferably by impeachment. He should never hold office again. His sycophants must be called out and removed, either by expulsion or by elections, due to their contribution to dividing and misleading the nation and fomenting insurrection.

The lies of the right-wing media must be balanced through restoration of the fairness doctrine or some other method that retains respect for the First Amendment. White supremacist groups and their enablers must be investigated and countered. Republicans as a whole must find their way back to reality, which means accepting that Trump lost and that attacking the nation at the word of this cabal of liars is unAmerican.

Scott Whitney, Platteville

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